Margaret and Jim

May 13, 2009

Margo and Jim (24 hour tourists)

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Blackpool , England, February 14th 2006
Margaret in Blackpool_polaroid
Jim in Blackpool_polaroid
Margaret tries to kill Jim
Jim Gives Magaret A kick

Terrorists waitin' for a train


crying inside is so contrived

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still images from installation / performance by cian mcconn and stephanie hough (Margo and Jim), May 2005.

m+j foyer march 05
m+j foyer march 05 4
m+j foyer march 05 3
m+j foyer march 05 2
M+J Domestic Debris 2
M+J Domestic Debris

crying inside is so contrived (video collage)

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March 3, 2009

‘Margaret and Jim’ (posh)

Margaret Pulls a ”Na nah nan nah na” at Jim

March 2, 2009

‘Margaret Does A Bosch On Jim’

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